Sherry Burford, M.S., C.P.R.W. -- Career Coach

Just as careers span lifetimes, the work of the best career planning professionals involves the integration of their own career and life experiences. Prior to becoming a Career Coach, Sherry Burford worked in marketing research sales and strategic consulting for major corporations for fifteen years, and then went on to create her own marketing research consulting firm that she managed for ten more years.  With extensive experience working with clients in varied business settings, large and small, across a wide range of industries, Sherry's understanding of the needs and language of business is a unique and powerful benefit in her coaching work with clients. 


In 2005, building on her undergraduate [Ithaca College] and graduate degrees in Psychology [Rutgers University], Burford began advising college graduates and found that she loved the work so much that she broadened her own career horizons beyond business consulting to the field of career planning and coaching.


In 2008, Burford created Horizons Career Coaching, LLC, and went on to complete her certification through NYU’s Career Planning and Development Program.  While developing her private coaching practice, she proceeded to work in NYU’s Office of Career Services in the School of Continuing and Professional Studies 


In addition to her certification through NYU, Burford is a member of the Professional Association of Resume Writers, has passed their qualifying examination, and achieved their recognition as a Certified Professional Resume Writer (C.P.R.W.).