What Clients Have to Say about Working with Sherry

"Sherry excels at developing an individual approach based on the needs of her clients. She was very thorough in understanding my professional experience and career goals. She is a great listener and offers insights from her extensive background. In just two weeks Sherry helped me revamp my resume, improve cover letters, and increase my interviewing skills. I would not hesitate to work with Sherry again in my current job search or future searches."


Mid-career transitioner / job applicant

"Sherry guided me through the intimidating and overwhelming process of changing career paths while teaching me the real life skill sets I use in my current position. She was a great listener and was able to take my goals and career ideas and fit them into an individualized set of steps that led me to accepting the exact position I was imagining for myself. If you are struggling to make a career change or just don’t know exactly what to do next, Sherry is the person to turn to. Despite my specialized area of work (music) Sherry was more than able to guide me through the resume writing, application & interview processes given her background and extensive knowledge of the professional world."


Early career builder / job searcher


"As a professional, Sherry went above and beyond in order to accommodate my busy schedule and managed to always work directly with me despite my own time constraints. She was flexible, adaptable, knowledgeable and prepared. I owe her a great deal of gratitude and I truly don’t believe I would be where I am today without her. I feel comfortable, confident and encouraged, and I owe all of that to her coaching."


Twenty-something job applicant


"Thank you also for your ongoing support. I always feel so much better and reaffirmed after I have met with you. Having you in my corner has made a significant difference in my career transition."



Mid-career transitioner


"As someone who has continuously struggled with the whole application process, Sherry was able to break down each step for me and teach me along the way. From resumes to cover letters to recruiters to LinkedIn, Sherry provided me the knowledge and the understanding in order to succeed."


Boston-area recent grad


"Thanks so much for all of your hard work and the fabulous results thereof!  I love it!  I'm truly impressed and very grateful - not to mention extremely happy that I made the decision to work with you." 

Relocating mid-career transitioner


 "Sherry became a real partner after several months of job search left me anxious and demoralized.  As an accomplished mid-career professional returning to the workforce after a brief absence, everything was much more difficult than I anticipated!  Sherry quickly familiarized herself with my field and provided tailored support, from assessing my search strategy, to taking my resume up a notch, to editing cover letters on a fast turnaround, to providing technology tutorials, to researching prospective employers, to conducting mock interviews via SKYPE, and more.  Just as important, she offered emotional support around work-life balance and helped to distinguish what was and wasn't in my control in today's challenging job search landscape. Within three months of our work together, I had a series of interviews for attractive positions, and two offers including the one that could be described as my 'dream job'."


NYC-based mid-career transitioner


"Sherry provided customized career advice that improved my ability to seek out, apply for, interview, and get jobs in ways that I wasn't even aware of! Because she is an experienced business professional with a successful career in industry, she deeply understands the language and culture of the modern job market.  Beyond ensuring that her clients create a career development strategy and work a job-search plan, Sherry is well positioned to provide advice that helps them become more capable, goal-driven, and satisfied professionals."


2008 DC-based grad

"Sherry's friendly, professional, and knowledgeable support of our son during his job search has been invaluable for both our son and us as parents. She helped him jumpstart the process by helping him set goals for himself and to research companies he'd like to work for that would suit his personality, skill level, and interests.  Of course she helped with writing the resume, framing past experience into transferable skills.  But Sherry also helped him have a realistic understanding of how long the process might take, prepare for interviews and follow-up, keep up the momentum, and maintain a positive attitude even after setbacks and disappointments.


Our son's upbeat, confident, and positive attitude was so noticeable to us when we would talk with him on the phone.  It was a marked change from the past.  It was such a relief to know that he had someone so knowledgeable on his side guiding him through this challenging process.  THANK YOU SHERRY!


NY mom of west-coast grad


"Sherry was instrumental in coaching me through the interview process and helping me every step of the way in navigating job offer negotiations. Having been in the same job for awhile, it was immeasurably helpful to have her insight and patience with all of my questions!  She is also very responsive and knowledgeable which made me feel at ease in what can be a stressful process.  I am so grateful, Sherry.... thank you!


NYC-area career mover, late twenties

"Sherry provided a wealth of information about the job market, and has had a lot to do with transforming my daughter into this very focused and forward-looking young adult.  The best part for me is that Sherry has taken a lot of the anxiety out of the process which has been so beneficial for our entire family!"


Upstate NY parent

"Sherry has played an integral role leading me through my job search. As a new grad, navigating all the nuances of the job market and learning how to best position myself for jobs I wanted to pursue was a big black box. Working with Sherry gave me the tools I needed to accomplish this successfully - all via SKYPE and email, while on opposite coasts. Her support allowed me to turn a bleak job market into one full of opportunity.  Thank you, Sherry!"


2011 CA grad

"Sherry first provided excellent guidance in revamping my resume, helping me to clearly present my previous experience, and to effectively communicate my particular strengths and talents as a professional.  Beyond that, she proved an invaluable resource in helping me to navigate the networking, communications, and negotiations that are all part of the job search process -- including how to gracefully turn down interviews once I had found the right position!"


2008 NYC-based grad

"Today's young people are facing a very complex and changing world.  It has been extremely helpful to have Sherry coach our daughter onto a practical path toward her career aspirations."


Parent of 2008 grad

"Before I started working with Sherry I knew of my interests and passions, but only after our sessions did I begin to understand how to direct these toward choosing a career path.   Sherry worked closely with me to create a compelling resume and breakthrough cover letters, and to prepare for interviews.  We strateagized which life experiences, internships, volunteer work, and professional positions I should seek to develop my skill set and prepare for a career that I have researched, and am happy with."


2010 NY-area grad

"In a historically difficult job search environment, my college daughter was unsure of the direction she should take after graduation.   Sherry has been an invaluable guide, working with her to showcase her skills and strike just the right tone.  I am convinced that my daughter got invited to interview because of the quality of her resume and letters, and the confidence that Sherry helped to instill."

Westchester, NY mom